Play Defuse

How to play defuse? To answer this question we copied the info from this website:

The gamemode pits two squads of five players as either attackers or defenders against one another in close quarter situations in a series of six rounds with the winner being the team with the most wins. After three rounds, the teams switch their objectives, and the map’s weather and destruction factors are reset.

The objective of the attacking team is to either eliminate all members of the defending team or arm and destroy one of the two M-COM stations with a Bomb found in the attackers spawn. The objective of the defending team is to prevent the detonation of an objective and to eliminate all members of the attacking team.

Once killed, players cannot respawn until next round, and each player can only be revived once per round. Killed teammates may spectate the match until the round ends. If all players on the attacking team are dead, but the bomb is still planted, the match will continue until the bomb is either defused or explodes. Also, the bomb will go off regardless if someone is defusing or not, unlike the M-COM stations in the Rush game mode.

A round ends when:

  • All players on a team have been killed (before the attackers plant the bomb).
  • The defending team has defused the bomb.
  • The attacking team successfully destroys an objective.